Are your products recyclable?

Yes, they are. This was really important to us when designing both our yellow outer packaging and our Daily Doser, too.

We developed a product to simplify the routine of millions of people, which will allow them to reduce the number of products they buy – and the environmental waste, too. Each Daily Doser has a dermatologist-designed monthly amount of powerful cream, which is small enough for us to ship light product around the UK. We ship directly from the Feel Good Pharmacy so that we fit into the Royal Mail vans that are already delivering around the UK.

We designed the Daily Doser ourselves, as we couldn’t actually find anything on the market that had good enough recycling credentials, and that would dispense the right, dermatologist-designed dose. It's made from aluminium, which is infinitely recyclable.

There is a small amount of plastic inside the aluminium Daily Doser, which protects your personalised solutions inside, maintaining its efficacy. The two types of plastic we use inside can be recycled at the same time as the aluminium in your Daily Doser, unlike most other standard plastic pump bottles, which can use up to 6 or more different types, making the recycling process very difficult.

Our yellow outer packaging is made from card that from an FSC registered forest, which means it is grown responsibly and sustainably. We only use one sheet, and you can recycle it with the rest of your cardboard recycling.

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