What is perioral dermatitis?

Periorificial Dermatitis is a common skin problem that tends to occur either around the mouth, nose and eyes. When it occurs around the mouth, it’s often called Perioral Dermatitis. When it’s around the eyes, it can be called Periocular Dermatitis. And if it’s around the nose, it’s often called Perinasal Dermatitis.

It usually appears as groups of itchy or sore, scaly bumps, and is more common in adult women than in men. Despite its name, Periorificial Dermatitis is not a form of eczema and is actually thought to be a variant of rosacea.

What is the cause of Periorificial Dermatitis?

The exact cause of Periorificial Dermatitis isn’t fully understood. However, the condition may be induced by the following:

- Using topical steroids (creams) on the skin, or inadvertently applying to the face
- The use of inhaled, oral or intranasal steroids (please don’t stop using any prescribed treatments without first discussing with your doctor or healthcare provider)
- Hormonal changes, including contraceptive pills
- Using multiple cosmetics on the face
- Possible use of fluorinated toothpaste

We do know that creams with active ingredients that can dry or irritate the skin can induce Periorificial Dermatitis in those people who are susceptible.

Is Periorificial Dermatitis treatable?

Yes, you can treat Periorificial Dermatitis, but it may take several weeks (around 4-6) to improve.

How do I treat my Periorificial Dermatitis?

If you think you’re suffering from Periorificial Dermatitis, please let our Dermatology Support Team know.

-Stop using all skincare products on the affected areas.
-Stop using all topical steroids (creams) on your face, unless otherwise directed by your doctor or healthcare professional. Do not start using a topical steroid to treat the area – although this might initially improve the appearance, it’ll worsen over time.
-Wash your face with just water until the rash settles. Once it starts to settle, use a gentle cleanser. Check our Recommended Cleanser FAQ for our favourite ones.
-Use a liquid or gel sunscreen (see our Recommended Sunscreen FAQ).
-We understand how frustrating this condition can be. After a few weeks, your skin will improve. Once your skin has settled, you’ll be able to restart your Skin + Me treatment.

Can Periorificial Dermatitis reoccur?

Yes, this skin condition can sometimes recur at a later date

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