My skin has cleared, what should I do?

Well, this is brilliant news! Clearing your skin is one of the reasons we're here, and we couldn’t have done this without you sticking with your treatment and routine. All that hard work, patience and perseverance has paid off, and we’re so delighted for you! Now, the aim of the game is to keep that skin clear.

It’s really important that you keep using your personalised solution until your next Progress Checkup with our Dermatology Team (these happen every 6 months). Your current treatment plan has been designed to increase the strength of your ingredients slowly, to help you achieve clear skin. When you get there, you still need these active ingredients to be working to keep future breakouts at bay, and to minimise the risk of your skin relapsing.

It can be tempting to think that once your skin’s all clear, you can think that that’s it, and stop all treatment and go back to your pre-treatment routine. But, doing this will make it much more likely that your skin will relapse.

When you have your Progress Checkup, your Prescriber will usually create a new treatment plan for you if your skin is clear. This will be designed to give you the best chance of maintaining your clear and healthy skin. And remember, clear skin is best achieved with a holistic approach – so make sure you stick with your simplified skincare routine, eat well, sleep well and exercise regularly if you can.

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