Can I use my own skincare products whilst using Skin + Me?

Our prescription treatments for acne and skin-ageing are very effective, and because these ingredients really do get to work, they can sometimes leave the skin prone to dryness and irritation – particularly in the first few weeks while your skin is adjusting to the new treatment. It’s important to avoid using any skincare products alongside your treatment that contain duplicate ingredients or additional irritants.

Our expert dermatology team are here to make things easy and will put together a personalised skincare routine using products that work well with your Skin + Me treatment and that complement your skin type, skin goal and anything else relevant that you’ve told us in your consultation.

If you can’t live without your favourite skincare product, you can still try to incorporate it into your routine. See our ‘How should I layer my skincare’ FAQ for more info. However, we recommend you follow this advice from our expert Dermatology Team:

1.    Avoid harsh exfoliant cleansers that will leave your skin dry and sensitive and can contribute to breakouts (for example cleansers containing glycolic or salicylic acid).

2.    Avoid cleaning your face with face cloths, brushes, scrubs or any mechanical cleansers containing microglobules, throughout the treatment, as these can damage your skin and contribute to increased dryness, irritation and even premature ageing.

3.    3. If you’d like to use your favourite skincare products (like Vitamin C serums), hydrating serums (like hyaluronic acid), or exfoliators (like AHAs/BHAs) we recommend to only introduce these slowly once you are on maintenance treatment. See our AHA/BHA FAQ for more advice.

4.    Always make sure that any additional products that you do introduce to your skincare routine are non-comedogenic and don’t contain any oil – especially if you're treating acne or blemish prone skin. Using the wrong type of skincare products can sometimes actually cause acne, or worsen existing breakouts.

Follow this link to see which products our expert Dermatologist recommend for your skin type, at a range of prices (we're not paid to promote any of these). 

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