Can I keep waxing or using other forms of facial hair removal?

While you’re using your personalised solution, we’d advise against the use of waxing and other forms of hair removal on your face and neck.

A number of our formulations, especially those containing Tretinoin, will make your skin much more sensitive. And as the process of waxing to remove facial hair is harsh to the skin, it can also result in the removal of some superficial skin cells. This can sometimes result in a burn-like appearance, and can also lead to some temporary pigment changes of the skin.

Some of the chemicals within hair removal creams (also known as depilatory creams) can also cause significant irritation of the skin, especially when using a formulation containing Tretinoin.

There are gentle physical hair removal alternatives that can be used once your skin has adjusted, including threading, plucking and laser hair removal.

You can still carry on waxing and removing your hair on the rest of your body, don’t worry!

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