Can I use acids (like AHAs/BHAs) whilst using Skin + Me?

When you first start your Skin + Me journey, we advise you not to use AHAs and BHAs. Your Skin + Me treatment works hard enough to achieve your skin goals, without using any other ingredients too.

Everyone’s skin is different and some people may find that they can tolerate AHAs and BHAs in their routine alongside Skin + Me, whereas others will experience side effects such as dryness, irritation and redness if used alongside Skin + Me. If you have oily or combination skin you’re more likely to be able to tolerate an additional AHA/BHA in your routine, whereas if you have dry or sensitive skin, you’re more likely to experience irritation.

We’ve put together these general guidelines based on skin type. Do keep in mind that all your really need is a stripped back, supportive skincare routine (cleanser, moisturiser, SPF) when using Skin + Me. You can find it here.

Dry / Very Dry / Sensitive skin types

If you really can’t live without your favourite AHA/BHA, here’s how you can reintroduce them:

Months 1-8: Keep things simple and only use a very gentle routine to start off with. Prescription acne and skin-ageing treatments can be drying or irritant when first used, so it’s important to really simplify things while your skin is adjusting. See our Skincare Routine FAQ for more information.

Maintenance dose: If you haven’t experienced any irritation or dryness, you can start to reintroduce your favourite AHA or BHA product gradually.

Start by using your AHA or BHA product once to twice a week. For example, if you're using a glycolic cleanser, use it once a week and gradually build up to twice a week if you feel you want to. If you feel any dryness or irritation at any point, reduce the amount you’re using your AHA or BHA and let your skin settle again before restarting.

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