Can I take antibiotics whilst using Skin + Me?

When you sign up for a Skin + Me treatment, you take our consultation, where we ask you about your medical history.

During the consultation, please make sure you let us know about any prescription medications that you're currently using, and always let us know of any medication changes further down the line by heading to your My Account section, so that we can make sure your medication is compatible with your treatment.

A number of our prescription treatments contain a topical antibiotic called Clindamycin, which should not be used alongside tablet antibiotics for acne because being on two antibiotics can increase the chances of antibiotic resistance. It's not a problem if you are taking tablet antibiotics, we'll just factor this into your treatment and make sure we don't give you additional, unnecessary antibiotics.

We recommend that you always discuss any new medication with your doctor (or healthcare provider) before taking it.

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