Can I use other prescription treatments or medicines?

When you sign up for a Skin + Me treatment, our online consultation has questions about your medical history, which includes any medications you take.

In this consultation, make sure you tell about any medications you're currently using, including the names of any tablets and creams and the dosages and frequency of use. Once you’re on your Skin + Me treatment, always keep us updated with any changes to your medication, or if you’ve been prescribed new medication.

Our expert Dermatology Team will review your medication to make sure it is compatible with your Skin + Me treatment and we’ll tell you if using our treatment alongside your medication isn’t quite right for you.

Please always read the Skin + Me Product Information Leaflet and contact us if you have any questions or concerns. You can find it here. We recommend that you always discuss any new medication with your doctor (or healthcare provider) before taking it.

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