Will I get treatment for my skin?

If you’re eligible, taking our online dermatology consultation will result in a personalised treatment plan. Right now, we offer treatment for the following conditions:

- Spots (like acne, whiteheads, blackheads)
- Rosacea 
- Dark spots + pigmentation (including Melasma, pigmentation related to sun damage and post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation
- Visible signs of skin-ageing (like fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture, firmness, visible pores)

Note: At the moment, we can only treat these conditions if they’re on your face.

Once you’ve taken our consultation, our expert Dermatology Team will review your information and photos. Then, they’ll diagnose your skin condition.

If you have a different skin condition to those listed above, or if you suffer from one of the listed conditions on an area other than your face, then, unfortunately, we can’t offer you treatment or advice at the moment. If this is the case at the end of your consultation, we’ll recommend that you visit your doctor to talk about other solutions for your skin concerns. 

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